Trust the Damage Restoration Specialists

Arrange for emergency damage restoration services in Owensboro, Kentucky

Don't panic if your home gets damaged during a storm. Turn to Blue Star Restoration, LLC for emergency damage restoration services in Owensboro, Kentucky and surrounding areas. We can restore your home after a fire, flood or storm wreaks havoc on it. You can rely on us to remove water and dry out your home after it floods, or to get rid of dangerous carcinogens and remove damaged property after a fire. Once your home has been cleaned and the damaged materials have been removed, our experts will repair your home's structural features, including damaged drywall, flooring and framing.

Call now to schedule emergency water damage restoration services. We can remove water and repair damaged areas after your home floods due to an overflowing toilet, a leaky water line or a storm.

Need commercial-grade restoration equipment?

Need commercial-grade restoration equipment?

Blue Star Restoration provides emergency damage restoration and equipment rental services in the Owensboro, Kentucky area. If you need to dry out carpeting or make sure mold doesn't grow in a water-damaged area, we have the rental equipment you need.

Our rental equipment inventory includes:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air blowers
  • Carpet dryers
Contact us today to get emergency water damage restoration services, or to rent the equipment you need to do things yourself.